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Regional management - a pivotal role

posted 05/11/2013 - 11:24

Regional managers play a pivotal role in the delivery of the best possible service within a cleaning contract. Positioned between the client, the staff and the contractor’s director, managers must contend with a range of pressures and priorities from all these sources.

Balancing priorities

They balance service levels with cost, creating the best environment for optimum productivity. Whilst this can look a simple job when outlined in a bid document, the reality of dealing with staff problems on a wet night in January is another matter. Managers must cope with sickness, absenteeism, complacency and lack of motivation, invariably in staff that have been inherited through TUPE. If they are not careful the only time they will be seen by staff and clients is when they are dealing with something that has gone wrong. This portrays them as a reactive, negative entity.

Taking the time

For Temco Facility Services breaking from standard industry practice by limiting the number of contracts for which managers are responsible is central to giving them the ability to deliver the best service. This provides the time to really understand the requirements of each client and add value to the contract, not only by optimising productivity but also by anticipating problems and dealing with issues before they become serious. They also have the time to get to know their workforce, motivate them and create a cohesive team.


Of course this cannot happen without a high level of support in the form of a dedicated administrative team giving managers total confidence that if they are reassuring a client that a job will be done, it will happen as promised. Alongside this Temco operate a traffic light system that can highlight potential failings in their internal KPIs, covering everything from training to supply of consumables.


Technology has an important part to play in supporting regional managers and iPads are provided to perform a range of tasks on the move, from giving access to time and attendance systems to tracking machine repairs. They also streamline processes such as staff vetting whilst maintaining the high levels of compliance required by UKBA. Finally, SmartInspect, Temco’s (UK) exclusive web based quality management system gives managers the tools to identify and remedy operational failings quickly, whilst making high quality management transparent to the client.

And as a desirable by product of this approach, managers derive greater job satisfaction as they are not always fire fighting, so stay in post longer and clients enjoy greater continuity. Everybody wins.


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