Temco cleaning contract audit

The importance of cleaning contract audits

As every Facility Manager knows, keeping track of all aspects of a cleaning contract is not always easy!  Having the right information at the right time is powerful and allows swift interventions when necessary, improving overall compliance.  One way to manage this is by using specific cleaning and FM audits.  This blog looks at the importance of cleaning contract audits.

What is the purpose of a cleaning contract audit

The purpose of any audit is to maintain a clean and hygienic work environment for staff and visitors.  A clean environment is important in the defence against infection and reducing the spread of germs and viruses, as well as creating a productive workspace.  Fully understanding the cleaning results and adapting schedules accordingly also improves efficiencies and ultimately offers better client value.

How often to conduct an audit?

Depending on the size and nature of the premises, managers would typically conduct audits on a monthly basis.  They should be scheduled in advance and if possible, should be jointly conducted with the client.  This way identifies issues which can then be rectified.  The walk around can include the whole building, or each month one area can be the focus, for example a floor or a building.

Benefits of a cleaning site audit

Raise the standard at the client premises

Keeping workplaces clean and hygienic is more important than ever and regular inspections help to keep track of standards and monitor performance.

Measuring the contract

Collecting consistent data each audit enables easy comparison and measurement.  Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets, agreed during the mobilization phase, can be monitored throughout the duration of the contract and changes made accordingly.

conducting smart cleaning audit

Identify issues early on

It's easy to identify any issues at an early stage so that cleaning teams are able to quickly take action and rectify.  For example, missed areas can be added to a cleaning schedule or if there are upcoming events or changes these can be planned prior to the event.

Visual evidence and comments

Having the ability to include images and comments is very helpful.  Images improve clarity and support the findings of the audit and are a very good reference to fully explain a score.  Comments help to direct the corrective actions to ensure compliance.

What areas does a cleaning audit include?

The cleaning audit should include all elements of the cleaning specification.  This would typically include the following:-

  • Entrance mats, doors and reception areas
  • Office desks, chairs, pedestals, lockers and other storage units
  • Waste and recycling bins
  • Carpets and hard flooring
  • Washrooms and kitchens
  • Doors and door frames
  • Hallways, stairs and landings
  • Skirting boards, ledges and pipes
  • Windows and sills

Smart audits for real time visibility

Digital smart audits report on only the relevant items to an individual contract.  They are paperless and can generate PDF reports quickly.  These reports are very easy to share so that the client has real time visibility and information.

How to score areas?

Scoring is the power behind the audit and gives clients valuable insight into performance over time.  Scores can be presented in any format, from a percentage to a range for example one to ten.

TemcoUK Facility Services uses smart software for cleaning contract audits

We have been using smart audit software for many years Temco, it is deeply embedded in our operational management process.

Our area managers all have access to audits and conduct them using mobile devices. We conduct monthly quality audits using smart cloud-based software and share them immediately with you in PDF format, so you have instant feedback.  We also upload audits onto a secure online portal.

We've custom written our audits so they meet our specific requirements, we have written and adapted these over the years to create a meaningful document which we always share with clients.  All areas receive a score 1-5 in relation to the compliance with specification.  Audits include images, scoring and can be bespoke if you have specific reporting requirements.

We additionally conduct regular compliance audits.  Any periodic work (such as carpet deep cleaning) is accompanied with a bespoke risk assessment method statement and a report with client sign off will be provided using this software.

If you would like to understand more about how we manage our contract or if you’re thinking of switching your cleaning provider, please contact Temco today 01895 520370.

commercial builder and sparkle clean

What is a Commercial Builder and Sparkle clean?

Construction and building is messy work!  For any office or other commercial renovation or refit project, there will be a lot of dust and dirt created.  Cleaning is the final task to make the premises tidy and presentable and ready for handover or occupation.  There can be a lot of confusion over what is included, so this blog explores what is a commercial builder and sparkle clean and what does it include.

The Building Phase

Cleaning should not be booked until all contractors and trades are finished with the construction work or renovation.  This includes for example all the mechanical and electrical (M&E) works, carpentry, plastering, roofing, painting and decorating and the commercial refurbishment teams.

Builder and Sparkle clean specification

With so many elements to a builders clean, the scope varies enormously from client to client.  This is why it’s vital to agree a cleaning specification in advance which is tailored to the specific project.  Having a pre-agree specification will provide clarity to all parties. This will list all tasks included in the commercial builder and sparkle clean, which are typically the following:-

Commercial ceiling tile clean

Internal tasks

  • Clearing away debris and rubbish from the building work
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Mechanically scrub and clean hard floors with a scrubber dryer
  • Damp wipe office surfaces such as desks, chairs and cupboards
  • Clean internal glass partitions
  • Remove all dust and visible marks including cupboards inside and out
  • Clean all areas including stairwells, corridors and lift lobby area
  • Clean washrooms including tiled area, sanitary units, appliances and partitions
  • Deep clean kitchen including surfaces, appliances and shelves
  • Clean internal windows including frames to remove dirt, paint splashes and adhesive residue from sticky duct tape
  • Clean high-level fittings eg lights, ceiling tiles and air conditioning vents
  • Removing old corporate branding such as vinyl graphics or glass manifestations

External tasks

  • Window cleaning to leave clean and streak free
  • Gutters, soffits and fascia cleaning to remove any construction mess
  • Pathway and walkway jet-washing and resanded if necessary
  • Litter picking of car parks, bike stores, smoking areas and patios
  • Cleaning meeting booths or collaborative outdoor pods

Sparkle clean

Sparkle cleaning is the final step to delivering an immaculately clean area, from floor to ceiling.   Often dubbed the handover clean, the aim is to give the project the ‘WOW’ factor.  This work will include many elements of the builders clean such as cleaning window sills, removing finger marks, cleaning door handles and door vision panels.  It may also include removing site health and safety signs and cleaning the adhesive marks left behind.

Attention to detail

Professional cleaning teams must be thorough and leave all surfaces clean and tidy, free from visible marks and dust.  With larger areas sometimes it’s easy to miss small marks and stains, so leaving time at the end for a final check will pick up the finer details and ensure all parts of the specification are met.

TemcoUK Facility Services provides builder and sparkle clean services

TemcoUK provides builders and sparkle cleans to commercial property following construction work, office refurbishments or brand-new builds.  Fully insured and trained with specialist cleaning equipment, our expert team provide professional cleaning services to get your office back up and running and ready for use.

Health and safety is our highest priority.  We prepare Task and site specific Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) and brief our team before any work starts onsite.  And we follow all relevant health and safety control measures and wear the appropriate PPE as directed.  We are SafeContractor and CHAS accredited as well as ISO9001 and ISO14001.  Furthermore we are CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) registered for ease of invoicing.

All work will be accompanied by a report on completion showing before, during and after images and comments.

We often work out of hours to minimize disruption on site and will work with you to ensure we meet deadlines.

Temco has a wealth of experience of working with a wide range of clients from open plan office renovations to total refits.  Following a free site survey where we will discuss your requirements and understand your objective, we provide a quote accompanied by a detailed specification.

If you need to arrange a builder sparkle clean, contact Temco today for a quote 01895 520370.

Hard floor deep cleaning

What does an Office Deep Clean consist of?

Daily office cleaning includes the general tasks involved in keeping an office clean, carried out on a regular basis and following a specification.  A deep clean compliments this, providing a more thorough clean than can be achieved during normal office cleaning.  This blog looks at what an office deep clean consists of.

Regular vs Office deep cleaning – what's the difference?

Regular cleaning tasks would typically include vacuuming, cleaning and sanitising desks and chairs, emptying waste bins and mopping hard floors.  It can also include cleaning washrooms, showers and changing rooms, kitchen and breakout areas as well as entrances and reception spaces.

A periodic deep clean reaches hard to access areas such as behind, below or above items of furniture and equipment.  And it often covers areas which are too busy during normal office hours.  It might also include higher level jobs such as cleaning air vents and light fixtures or the tops of cupboards and kitchen appliances which are not easily accessible.

Periodic cleaning uses specialist chemicals, equipment (eg Prochem) and processes which have been specially formulated for the intended job.  For example the professional carpet cleaning products contain different chemicals and manufacturers design these for industrial rather than domestic use.

An office without specialist periodic deep cleaning over time never quite feels as clean and hygienic as one with it.

Why is it important?

The importance of having a welcoming, clean and hygienic office for employees and visitors is more important than ever. Not just cleaning the visible dirt, but also the hidden dangers such as bacteria and germs.

Deep cleaning is essential to prevent the build up of dirt which often hides behind or under furniture. Furthermore it can be extremely cost effective as it helps to protect and extend the life of carpets and soft furnishing, reducing the need to replace often.

Finally, cleaning the lesser used areas will often expose repairs or essential works, for example slow water leaks or pest infestations.

How often to schedule?

This depends on many aspects such as the office layout, usage and the use of space.

Professional contract cleaners will be able to audit the space, understand the requirements and suggest a cleaning schedule to reflect the individual workplace.


Carpet deep clean

Coffee and tea stains are the most common, but other problems are often ink, mud, food and juice marks.  Using a pre-treatment and specialist carpet cleaning extractor equipment and chemicals, even stubborn marks can be removed.

Hard floor deep clean

High traffic areas become dirty over time.  Specialist equipment for scrubbing, buffing and polishing can revive hard floors and help protect them.  Stripping and reapplying fresh polish to seal the surface transforms floors, making them pristine and gleaming again.

Upholstery and furniture deep clean

Dirty and stained furniture is unsightly, unhygienic and gives a bad impression to staff and visitors.  Professional cleaning removes a multitude of marks including spillages of food and drink, dye from clothes and general dust and dirt and will leave furniture looking clean and fresh.

Washroom deep clean

Professionally deep cleaning washrooms effectively removes the build up of dirt and germs which thrive in warm and moist conditions.  The service thoroughly cleans toilets, urinals and sanitary ware as well as accessing the hard to reach areas behind pipework and the tops of mirrors and partitions.  It also includes mechanically scrubbing hard floors with disinfectant and descaling where applicable.

Kitchen deep clean

This could include fully cleaning cupboards and drawers inside and out, and removing all items from shelves and worktop to clean and sanitise.  It would also include a full clean to any appliances such as the fridge, microwave, toaster and dishwasher to remove all dirt and debris.

TemcoUK Facility Services provides office deep clean services

TemcoUK provides a full range of office deep cleaning services in London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and Hertfordshire.

Fully insured, our teams highly trained, qualified and experienced in providing commercial cleaning services.  Reliable and professional, we directly employ all staff and don't use agencies.

We supply a clear and detailed specification as part of the quotation process so you know exactly what the the job will include.  We will also send task and site specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) and any other required Health and Safety documentation.  This also identifies any appropriate PPE for the operatives to wear during the job.

Our team will conduct a full clean tailored to your individual requirements and we use the latest and most appropriate equipment for the best results.

You’ll also receive a post cleaning report showing the before, during and after photos and including a sign off sheet.

Contact us if you'd like to find out more.

Property Management

Commercial Property Management Cleaning Services

Property management is a specialist role which requires in-depth knowledge of a wide range of services.  Commercial cleaning is just one of the operational support functions and often managed alongside security and catering.  This blog is a quick guide to commercial property management cleaning services.

Keeping buildings clean and safe

From multi tenanted office buildings to residential blocks of flats, the priority is to keep a clean and safe environment for staff, visitors and residents.

Areas that are clean and well presented also create a good first impression and demonstrate that good hygiene practices are in operation.

Overview of Cleaning Services

The types of job are many and varied and this will be tailored to individual buildings, but typically it includes the following:-

Common parts - Commercial property management cleaning services

Common parts within a building are the communal areas such as stairwells, corridors, lifts and washrooms.  For multi-tenanted buildings it may also include main lobby or reception areas too.

Maintaining the washrooms will involve not just cleaning the toilet bowls and sinks but also cleaning the floors and mirrors.  And not forgetting replenishing consumables such as toilet paper, soap and hand towels.  It may also include washroom services such as maintaining the feminine hygiene and nappy bins and air freshener solutions.  Spaces that have shower and changing areas will require effective cleaning.

These high traffic areas tend to have a lot of wear and tear and additional periodic deep cleaning is often required to maintain their appearance.  Examples are carpet cleaning, hard floor scrubbing or polishing and high level dusting to remove unsightly cobwebs, dust and debris.

Having a regular and effective sanitisation program in place for high frequency touchpoints will promote a healthy environment for all users.

Manage waste and recycling

Property Managers will require service contracts for the collection of waste from the building.  Depending on requirements these contracts can cover general waste, recycling and green waste as well as specialist services such as industrial or bulky waste.  Additionally waste providers can offer innovative solutions to help property managers achieve sustainability targets for the building for example zero to landfill.

Maintain external areas

External areas such as patios, lawns or roof gardens may require landscaping or bespoke cleaning solutions.  Car parking areas and walkways may require specialist work such as jet washing and litter picking to keep them looking clean and maintained.

It is also worth considering if additional services such as winter gritting is necessary.

property management jetwash external area

External window cleaning

First impressions really do matter and professional window cleaning can transform the appearance of a building, improving its appearance and presentation.  Specialist reach and wash or high level systems produce excellent results, removing dirt and debris.  The building design and layout will dictate the optimum service, with specification and frequency pre-agreed.

Pest Control services

Controlling pests in a commercial environment in vital.  Quite apart from the damage to reputation and confidence, pests can physically damage property, destroy caballing and pose a health and safety risk if left unchecked.  Insects, rodents and birds can spread disease and property managers must meet legal requirements to provide a safe environment.

Vacant Property Cleaning

Providing cleaning within vacant commercial property is important to maintain standards and ensure buildings are presented well, in preparation for new client viewings or to maintain cleaning and hygiene standards during a transition period.

Disinfection and Sanitisation Services

From regular scheduled sanitisations to one off disinfection requests, having access to these services helps to reduce the spread of infection.  The following may be provided for suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19: Touch Point Surface Cleaning, Local Area Sanitisation and Fogging.

Residual longer lasting anti-viral surface protection can also be provided for door handles, handrails and lift panels.


More information on commercial property management can be found here.

TemcoUK Facility Services – keeping workplaces clean

Based in Uxbridge, West London, Temco has over 20 years’ experience of providing reliable and responsive cleaning to property owners, manager and estate management companies.

Clear and transparent pricing allows easy allocation of costs to the relevant parties and we can tailor this to individual requirement.

We deliver to clients in the commercial and residential sectors.  This includes professional property management cleaning and associated FM services.  Our priority is a clean environment for staff, visitors and residents.  We have a proven track record of delivering professional, best in class services to clients.

Daily Office Cleaning

What does commercial Daily Office Cleaning include?

Commercial daily office cleaning includes a wide range of tasks including vacuuming and sanitising desks and tables to maintain the cleanliness of the office environment. The main tasks are carried out on a daily basis and follow a cleaning specification with the tasks allocated by day.  Depending on the requirements of the client and office space, some lower frequency tasks are on a weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule.

Work schedules are provided for the cleaning staff to ensure nothing is missed and that the office consistently maintains high cleaning standards at all times.

COVID-19 has increased the requirement for sanitisations and this is now a key role for cleaning teams.

Daily office cleaning tasks

Typical daily office cleaning tasks would include vacuuming, sanitising and cleaning desks, tables and chairs.  Tasks vary by area:-

General daily office cleaning

  • Cleaning desks, chairs and pedestals free from visible dust, dirt and stains
  • Sanitise high contact touch points
  • Vacuuming carpeted area
  • Mopping hard floor areas
  • Cleaning glass partitions
  • Emptying waste and recycling bins
  • Spot clean windowsills and skirting boards
  • Replenishing sanitising stations

Washroom and shower areas

Tasks reflect the high levels of hygiene required, these are typically:-

  • Clean and sanitise toilets bowls, urinals and cubicle doors
  • Clean sinks, taps, shower and accessories
  • Refill soap and hand towels dispensers
  • Replenish toilet roll paper

Reception areas

The focus for tasks is to create a good impression:-

  • Clean entrance doors and mats
  • Clean and sanitise the reception desk
  • Sanitise lift panels and buttons

Vacuuming reception

Periodic cleaning tasks

Periodic deep cleaning provides a more thorough clean than can be achieved during normal office cleaning and usually forms part of the cleaning contract.  Examples are washroom and carpet deep cleans.

Non-standard tasks

Clients often ask for additional non-standard tasks to be added to the specification, for example:-

  • Cleaning or flushing out the bean to cup coffee machine
  • Cleaning work pods or individual booths

The office cleaning needs to reflect the client needs, and some additional tasks are often required to support the extended office environment, for example:-

  • Exterior cleaning eg smoking area, entrance and work pods
  • Jet washing patio and outdoor areas
  • Litter pick external areas eg car park
  • Cleaning bike sheds and outdoor bin storage areas

Lower frequency cleaning tasks eg weekly cleaning

Some tasks do not require daily attention such as:-

  • Waste bins are emptied daily, but the bins themselves may be scheduled for a full weekly clean to maintain hygiene and eliminate odours
  • Fire extinguishers do not require daily cleaning and often scheduled for a weekly damp wipe
  • Windowsills are spot cleaned each day to remove visible marks and stains, but often these are fully cleaned each week, fortnight or month depending on the location and office environment

Day House-keeping office cleaning

Some companies want a day housekeeper to maintain areas through the day, especially around midday during the busy lunch time period.  These tasks may include regularly sanitising of frequently touched points in the communal areas and stocking up washroom consumables.

Client-centric daily office cleaning

Whatever the individual requirements of the daily office cleaning contract, the primary aim is to deliver the right solution for the client.  For some this includes out of hours cleaning and sanitising, for others it’s a visible cleaning presence during the day to ensure areas are safe and clean.

How long does it take to clean an office?

This depends on the size and layout of the office!  No layout is ever the same even if the footprint is, and a site visit can ascertain the hours required.  No one size fits all and tailoring the cleaning to client requirements will provide the best service.

TemcoUK Facility Services provides commercial daily office cleaning

TemcoUK provides daily office cleaning services in and around London UK including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and Hertfordshire.  Based in Uxbridge located in the London borough of Hillingdon, areas covered include Harrow, Wembley and central London.

We use smart scheduling tools to produce detailed specifications for full client transparency, and all tasks agreed in the contract become daily cleaning tasks.

Many clients trust Temco for their commercial daily office cleaning and the associated facility management services including waste management, washroom services and pest control.

TemcoUK Services Cleaning Team

The Benefits of using a Professional Office Contract Cleaning Company

With many organisations starting to plan for the return to the office as lockdown restrictions ease, staff are seeking reassurance that their workplaces are clean and hygienic.  It’s no surprise therefore that Facility Managers are reviewing their options and looking at the benefits of using a professional office contract cleaning company to manage their cleaning provision.  Cleaning plays a major role in the defence against reducing the spread of transmission and infection from coronavirus in the office environment.

There are many benefits of outsourcing office contract cleaning.

Compliance & Accountability

Professional cleaning companies offer compliance in areas such as staff vetting and health and safety, offering reassurance through certification and trade accreditations such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SafeContractor. Strict industry standards are followed to ensure compliance and safety.

Professional specification and contract reporting

Accurate specification and schedules can be created detailing all the tasks that have been agreed in the contract.  These typically would include how often hard floors are swept and damp mopped, and in these COVID times whether frequently touched surfaces (such as door handles and push plates) are to be sanitised throughout the day or not.

These provide transparency on the service, leaving no room for misunderstandings.

Professionally trained staff

Training needs to be comprehensive and include not only chemicals, equipment and consumables but also health and safety such as manual handling, control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH), PPE and warning signage.  Up to date risk assessments for cleaning tasks should always be available and regularly reviewed. Selecting companies that directly employ staff further ensures compliance.

Complete Solutions

Professional companies will be able to offer a wide range of sanitising and hygiene solutions.  For example disinfections and fogging for instant response to suspected or confirmed COVID outbreaks, or surface protection options for longer term solutions

Sustainable solutions

For organisations that have sustainability at their core, having a choice of cleaning materials matters.  Professional office contract cleaning companies can access commercial ranges of environmentally friendly solutions.  One such example is the SoluPak.  The range offers a unique cleaning concentrate, packed in water-soluble film sachets and all packaging is 100% biodegradable and plastic free, and the film dissolves to become part of the cleaning solution.  The amount of plastic is dramatically reduced using only reusable plastic trigger bottles.  Plus, all products have the following accreditations: Ecolabel, Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Focus on core business

Outsourcing the office cleaning to a professional company allows organisations the focus on their core business.  The cleaning industry is well-established with safety and compliance at its heart.

Specialist equipment and chemicals

Professional cleaning companies have access to specialist equipment and chemicals and these will have been tested and independently certified.  An example would be ensuring anti-viral cleaning materials are approved to EN14476 to give peace of mind that the products are effective and compliant.

Understanding dilution and manufacturers contact or kill time is another important factor as this determines how long the chemical needs to work.

iMop scrubber dryer
Learn more about iMop here

Investing in the latest cleaning equipment not only increases productivity but also greatly enhances the finished result.  Take the iMop for example.  This modern, easy to use scrubber dryer cleans even faster than a conventional scrubber and is up to 70% faster than wet mopping.  The two counter-rotating brushes scrub deeper for 90% cleaner surfaces when compared to standard mopping. The iMop technology leaves floors dry which reduces slip hazards, and as it is battery operated there are no trailing cables which eliminates trip hazards.  Faster, cleaner and safer!

Service excellence, Visible difference, Positive results

Experienced cleaning companies are good at what they deliver, so the end result is consistent service excellence which makes a visible difference to the look and feel of any business.

A clean and hygienic office also has a positive effect on workplace productivity, plus additional benefits including increased motivation and better staff mental wellbeing.  In these uncertain times where many UK workers are concerned about returning to the office, having the highest cleanliness standards in place is essential to give staff reassurance that the office is safe.

TemcoUK Facility Services provides professional office contract cleaning in London and the surrounding areas

Based in Uxbridge, London, Temco has been delivering professional office cleaning services for over 20 years to many organisations, from blue chip and corporate head office buildings to industrial and educational environments, keeping workplaces clean, safe and hygienic.

Temco is agile and very client focussed and has an excellent record of professionally managing cleaning contracts.  This offers safety and compliance as standard via rigid reporting, training, auditing and effective health and safety procedures.

Temco website

TemcoUK’s timely new interactive website

If ever there was a time for a facility services provider to review every operational aspect of its business, the last 12 months has been it. From the early days of the pandemic Temco stood out for being quick to adapt and offer advice and reassurance to clients. At the same time they demonstrated amazing feats of operational agility by swiftly overhauling every process. As we emerge blinking into the post lockdown era (again) Temco has unveiled its new interactive website. This reflects a very different workplace environment. A world that has to continue to take Covid 19 very seriously.

Clear access

Our new interactive website is clear and simple to navigate, treading the fine line between providing sufficient initial information and overloading the visitor. It provides clear access to Temco’s clients, who might be surprised at the breadth of Temco’s services these days. It guides them to their own daily updated operational data through a secure Client Login. At the same time it gives a comprehensive overview to new visitors as a precursor to further discussion.

Main menu

The main menu leads with the Services page, providing a clear graphic showing the full extent of Temco’s offerings. Succinct written detail on each is provided below for clarification.

The prominence of Covid is demonstrated in its position next in the main menu. Here Temco emphasises the effectiveness of its trained, specialist team, whilst outlining routine sanitisation and one off procedures such as Fogging.


Temco knows where it excels, which leads to the Sectors link. The website’s focus on these sectors again makes use of crisp icons for an overview, with more detail available below. Temco’s operational sectors range from Blue Chip Corporate Head Offices, through Industrial, to highly specialised markets like Pharmaceuticals and Tech.

Innovation, the next heading, has always been key to Temco’s approach. Well trained staff equipped with the latest equipment results in the highest possible levels of productivity. This section highlights the systems and technology that Temco has incorporated into its business, from Robotic Vacuums and Eco Friendly Consumables to Data Driven Cleaning. The search for Best in Class never ends.

Changing providers

Which leads to a subject dear to Temco’s heart – Changing Providers. This section gives clear cut reasons why you might want to switch. It provides reassurance that Temco will help manage the process, from Contract Mobilisation to TUPE, always with the emphasis on transparency. You always know what to expect and are never confronted with unpleasant surprises.

A Resources heading gives access to the latest brochures and case studies. The About Us section gives a short overview of Temco’s corporate philosophy and ten simple reasons why Temco is the right choice. Which leaves only the News page which is regularly updated. This gives clients and visitors time to lean back and reflect on solutions to today’s problems.

The website is clean, clear and concise, reflecting a business that has excelled since 2001.

A business that has taken on the challenges presented by Covid 19 and risen to the occasion.


Flexible Friends in London and the South East

Temco - Flexible Friends in London and the South East

Temco is developing strong relationships with several substantial property management companies across London and the south east.

The contracts usually begin with a comprehensive cleaning of the whole block. Then during the letting stage ensure that each office is kept in pristine condition at all times. Ongoing they maintain the common parts to the highest standards which invariably make such an impression that the new tenants end up using Temco to ensure their space is kept up to a comparable level.

A leading property manager based in London and the south east commented: “Temco just get it. They are totally reliable and their standards are guaranteed. They understand that all the space needs to look fantastic all the time. It is frankly embarrassing showing an office that is not perfect. And when we want to make changes, for example the recent introduction of a wellbeing area in one building, it happens without fuss. They are flexible, positive and react very fast.”

“I think our size and flexibility is what makes these relationships work so well,” says Andrew Philpot, Managing Director of Temco. “Property managers do not need to penetrate layers of managers, sign offs, purchase orders and even pre-purchase orders to get something done. Inevitably larger companies breed bureaucracy. So when property managers encounter our tailored service levels that can be delivered as a result of our agility and positivity, it comes as something of a surprise.”