Property management is a specialist role which requires in-depth knowledge of a wide range of services.  Commercial cleaning is just one of the operational support functions and often managed alongside security and catering.  This blog is a quick guide to commercial property management cleaning services.

Keeping buildings clean and safe

From multi tenanted office buildings to residential blocks of flats, the priority is to keep a clean and safe environment for staff, visitors and residents.

Areas that are clean and well presented also create a good first impression and demonstrate that good hygiene practices are in operation.

Overview of Cleaning Services

The types of job are many and varied and this will be tailored to individual buildings, but typically it includes the following:-

Common parts – Commercial property management cleaning services

Common parts within a building are the communal areas such as stairwells, corridors, lifts and washrooms.  For multi-tenanted buildings it may also include main lobby or reception areas too.

Maintaining the washrooms will involve not just cleaning the toilet bowls and sinks but also cleaning the floors and mirrors.  And not forgetting replenishing consumables such as toilet paper, soap and hand towels.  It may also include washroom services such as maintaining the feminine hygiene and nappy bins and air freshener solutions.  Spaces that have shower and changing areas will require effective cleaning.

These high traffic areas tend to have a lot of wear and tear and additional periodic deep cleaning is often required to maintain their appearance.  Examples are carpet cleaning, hard floor scrubbing or polishing and high level dusting to remove unsightly cobwebs, dust and debris.

Having a regular and effective sanitisation program in place for high frequency touchpoints will promote a healthy environment for all users.

Manage waste and recycling

Property Managers will require service contracts for the collection of waste from the building.  Depending on requirements these contracts can cover general waste, recycling and green waste as well as specialist services such as industrial or bulky waste.  Additionally waste providers can offer innovative solutions to help property managers achieve sustainability targets for the building for example zero to landfill.

Maintain external areas

External areas such as patios, lawns or roof gardens may require landscaping or bespoke cleaning solutions.  Car parking areas and walkways may require specialist work such as jet washing and litter picking to keep them looking clean and maintained.

It is also worth considering if additional services such as winter gritting is necessary.

property management jetwash external area

External window cleaning

First impressions really do matter and professional window cleaning can transform the appearance of a building, improving its appearance and presentation.  Specialist reach and wash or high level systems produce excellent results, removing dirt and debris.  The building design and layout will dictate the optimum service, with specification and frequency pre-agreed.

Pest Control services

Controlling pests in a commercial environment in vital.  Quite apart from the damage to reputation and confidence, pests can physically damage property, destroy caballing and pose a health and safety risk if left unchecked.  Insects, rodents and birds can spread disease and property managers must meet legal requirements to provide a safe environment.

Vacant Property Cleaning

Providing cleaning within vacant commercial property is important to maintain standards and ensure buildings are presented well, in preparation for new client viewings or to maintain cleaning and hygiene standards during a transition period.

Disinfection and Sanitisation Services

From regular scheduled sanitisations to one off disinfection requests, having access to these services helps to reduce the spread of infection.  The following may be provided for suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19: Touch Point Surface Cleaning, Local Area Sanitisation and Fogging.

Residual longer lasting anti-viral surface protection can also be provided for door handles, handrails and lift panels.


More information on commercial property management can be found here.

TemcoUK Facility Services – keeping workplaces clean

Based in Uxbridge, West London, Temco has over 20 years’ experience of providing reliable and responsive cleaning to property owners, manager and estate management companies.

Clear and transparent pricing allows easy allocation of costs to the relevant parties and we can tailor this to individual requirement.

We deliver to clients in the commercial and residential sectors.  This includes professional property management cleaning and associated FM services.  Our priority is a clean environment for staff, visitors and residents.  We have a proven track record of delivering professional, best in class services to clients.