Facilities Management Services Surrey

Facilities Management Services Surrey

Facilities Management Services

Daily Office Clean

Disinfection and Sanitisation

Facilities Management Services

Builders and Sparkle Clean

Facilities Management Services

Pest Control

Facilities Management Services

Barrier and Entrance Matting

Facilities Management Services

External Cleaning

Facilities Management Services

Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance

Facilities Management Services

Washroom Services

Facilities Management Services

Periodic and Deep Cleaning

Facilities Management Services

Window and High Level Cleaning

Facilities Management Services

Janitorial Services

Facilities Management Services

IT Equipment Cleaning

Facilities Management Services

Waste Management, Recycling and Confidential Shredding

Daily office cleaning Surrey

Professional Facilities Management Services Surrey

With the need to protect staff and visitors from bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19, daily cleaning has never been so important. In addition, research shows that a clean and hygienic office boosts workplace wellbeing, enhancing productivity and reducing absenteeism.  It also has a key role to play in creating the right impression of businesses and brands.

From medical clean rooms to blue chip corporate head office buildings, we have over 20 years’ experience of delivering professional office cleaning services across many sectors and workplace environments keeping them clean, hygienic and safe.

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Periodic and Deep Cleans Surrey

Professional Facilities Management Services Surrey

A periodic deep clean using specialist equipment, processes and chemicals provides a more thorough clean than can be achieved during normal office cleaning.

It reaches areas difficult to access such as behind, below and above items of furniture and equipment, and high footfall areas such as a reception entrance.

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Disinfection and Sanitisation Services Surrey

Professional Facilities Management Services Surrey

TemcoUK has been providing cleaning services for over 20 years, which gave us a deep understanding and high level of expertise when faced by the challenges thrown up by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Minimising infection risk in workplaces is critical.  There is a range of options available to reduce transmission in addition to the basics such as social distancing, promoting hand hygiene, adding screens and implementing one way systems.

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Window Cleaning Surrey

Professional Facilities Management Services Surrey

First impressions count and dirty windows will reflect poorly on any organisation.

Whatever the size or shape of your building, we will keep your windows clean using a variety of systems giving safe access to windows and building facades.  Whether you occupy a single floor in a multi tenanted building or have a property portfolio, we have the experience and ability to deliver high quality, reliable and professional window cleaning.

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Washroom Services Surrey

Professional Facilities Management Services Surrey

A clean, hygienic and fully serviced washroom speaks volumes about your organisation.

We offer a full range of workplace hygiene and washroom services solutions for all types of businesses.  Our service is delivered discretely and in an environmentally responsible way, keeping you compliant with key legislation.

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Waste Management, Recycling and Confidential Shredding Surrey

Professional Facilities Management Services Surrey

We offer clients a total waste management service and help promote workplace recycling rates.

Whatever the size or type of your business we will work with you to find the best waste solution.  We will minimise environmental impact and ensure that collections are fully compliant with all relevant regulations.

We work with reputable and professional specialist partners who lead the way in setting new standards for environmental best practice and resource management and who are compliant with all waste legislation.

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Pest Control Surrey

Professional Facilities Management Services Surrey

Often overlooked until a problem is discovered, commercial pest control can be deployed preventatively with pre-planned schedules or on an ad hoc basis. The aim is to ensure your business is pest-free and well presented at all times.

Modern building techniques like stud partitioning, false flooring and main service voids are ideal environments for pests.  Whether it is a mouse sighting in an office or flying insects in your car park we can help protect your business against a wide variety of pests, inside or outside your building.

Our solutions also help your business meet health and safety requirements to ensure staff and visitors are entering a clean, safe and hygienic working environment.

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Builders and Sparkle Clean Surrey

Professional Facilities Management Services Surrey

We understand the specific demands of building cleans and the need to deliver high standards within tight deadlines.  We provide safe, professional and efficient after-build cleaning services to a wide range of clients, including sparkle cleans for handover upon final completion.

TemcoUK follows strict Health and Safety protocols, being accredited by SafeContractor and CHAS for compliance confidence. We are also CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) registered for ease of invoicing.

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Landscaping, Grounds Maintenance and Interior Displays Surrey

Professional Facilities Management Services Surrey

The presentation of your grounds can create as much of a positive experience as the interior and has a major impact on first impressions and general wellbeing for staff and visitors.

TemcoUK provides commercial grounds maintenance for all types of businesses all through the year.  From everyday maintenance to one off projects, our team of experts will provide bespoke solutions for your specific requirements and budget.

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Janitorial and Consumables Supply Surrey

Professional Facilities Management Services Surrey

We supply a full range of cleaning and janitorial products to keep the workplace safe, clean and hygienic.

Over the years we have established strong, collaborative relationships with multiple trusted suppliers and manufacturers. As a result we benefit from early notice of industry innovations, comprehensive technical backup and in-depth product training, enabling us to support clients and improve workplace wellbeing.

We also prioritise sustainable products and solutions that will help our clients achieve their sustainability goals, using efficient systems and smarter ways of working to minimise wastage.

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Barrier and Entrance Matting Surrey

Professional Facilities Management Services Surrey

Mats help create a clean and safe working environment, playing a vital role by trapping dust, dirt and damp.  This protects your floors and keeps reception areas clean and presentable, whilst reducing the risk of slips and falls.  In addition, mats are often customised to reflect a client’s corporate image. For all these reasons they need to look their best at all times.

Whilst a daily vacuum will keep on top of dust and dirt, this will usually only remove around 30% of the dirt. Commercial laundering washes the mats at a high temperature, removing all the dirt and restoring the pile to its maximum efficiency and best appearance.

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IT Equipment Cleaning Surrey

Professional Facilities Management Services Surrey

Office deep cleaning schedules often overlook this essential service, which requires specialist equipment and products to keep IT equipment clean, safe and hygienic.

Desktop IT equipment will collect dirt, dust, food debris, bacteria and viruses.  Whilst a daily office clean will keep on top of dust and dirt, it cannot eliminate germs between keyboard keys, hidden in the mouse or in the phone.  Staff eating at desks can exacerbate the problem by creating a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Professional cleaning of your IT equipment will eliminate 99.9% of germs, protecting staff, reducing illness, enhancing wellbeing and freshening the environment. It also prolongs the life of your IT equipment, saving money and reducing waste.

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External Cleaning Surrey

Professional Facilities Management Services Surrey

Our jet washing service will ensure your external areas are as well presented as your internal ones, improving the appearance and ensuring areas are safe.

It’s vital to keep external areas clean and clear of hazards such as mud, moss, algae and general dirt and grime or anything else that might pose a potential health and safety risk to staff or visitors.

For high level window and façade cleaning, please click here for more information

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