Barrier and Entrance Matting

Professional mats from our expert team

Mats help create a clean and safe working environment, playing a vital role by trapping dust, dirt and damp.  This protects your floors and keeps reception areas clean and presentable, whilst reducing the risk of slips and falls.  In addition, mats are often customised to reflect a client’s corporate image. For all these reasons they need to look their best at all times. That’s where a barrier and entrance matting service from TemcoUK comes in.

Whilst a daily vacuum will keep on top of dust and dirt, this will usually only remove around 30% of the dirt. Commercial laundering washes the mats at a high temperature, removing all the dirt and restoring the pile to its maximum efficiency and best appearance.


  • Mat Rental
  • Mat Cleaning
  • Mat Purchase

Products Supplied

  • Logo mats
  • Fitted mats
  • Coir mats
  • Recessed mat well entrance mats
  • OBEX™ mats

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Keeping environments clean and safe

When positioned in high traffic areas, such as entrances and receptions, commercial mats stop the spread of dust and dirt being brought into the building helping to maintain the presentation of your interior. Entrance mats help to create a buffer between the outside and inside all year round, and are designed to effectively absorb moisture which promotes the safety of staff and visitors whilst on your premises. They also provide a unique branding opportunity to create a good first impression.

Logo mats are an ideal way to promote and reinforce brand identity. Customised to your corporate design, the digital printing equipment used can reproduce any Pantone colour to an HD finish. We offer over 72 pre-determined colours and our team can blend any Pantone colour in-house. Artwork visuals are shared with you for approval prior to ordering, and the finished mats are printed in non-fade colours.

Logo mats are ideal for receptions, entrances, hallways and foyers.

Coir mats are 100% natural and very hardwearing. They possess great absorbency and excellent scraping properties and can be used in almost all commercial situations either loose layered or fitted. All coir mats are 17mm deep.

Our range of COVID-19 message mats can support your corporate plans to help stop the spread within your building. Bespoke floor mats act as a visual reminder for staff and visitors, for example to follow social distancing rules and sanitise regularly.

Our service team

  • Drivers wear easily identifiable uniforms and carry ID cards
  • Drivers are trained and DBS checked
  • Full lift and lay service, no client involvement required
  • Specialist professional grade wash and dry
  • High quality, reliable service - we’ll turn up when we say we will
  • UK manufactured mats
  • Durable, long-lasting mats
  • Fully insured service

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Tailored Solutions

We can customise your mat in any colour, size or shape you require and of course we can supply logo mats which are totally unique to you.  Whatever the shape and size of your building, we offer a wide range of durable mats on a rental or purchase basis.

Commercial Mat Rental Service Package

Using trusted partners we offer one of the largest ranges of mats in terms of size and colour. Most clients opt for a rental service package, where dirty mats are collected and replaced with clean ones on a regular basis, typically on a fortnightly or monthly schedule. Our high-quality mat washing service is eco-friendly, using professional-grade detergents to make sure your mats are returned in pristine condition. State-of-the-art commercial washing and tumble dryer machines are used to restore your mats to their original quality, including dealing with any stubborn stains or problems like chewing gum, using specialist emulsifiers.

Do you need Barrier and Entrance Matting Services?