Waste Management, Recycling and Confidential Shredding

Professional waste management solutions from our team of experts

We offer clients a total waste management, recycling and confidential shredding service and help promote workplace recycling rates.

Whatever the size or type of your business we will work with you to find the best waste solution.  We will minimise environmental impact and ensure that collections are fully compliant with all relevant regulations.

We work with reputable and professional specialist partners who lead the way in setting new standards for environmental best practice and resource management and who are compliant with all waste legislation.


  • Commercial waste collection
  • Recycling collection
  • Hazardous and clinical waste
  • Skips and bulky item collection
  • Confidential paper shredding
  • Media destruction services
  • Battery recycling
  • Supply of internal and external waste and recycling bins
  • COVID-19 lateral flow test waste

Do you need a Waste Management, Recycling and Confidential Shredding Service?



We are fully committed to the promotion of recycling initiatives and always looking at ways to boost onsite workplace recycling rates. Our aim is to recycle everything from your workplace.

Where appropriate we recommend centralised office waste and recycling stations. This single step is often the catalyst to big change in office behaviour and often results in reducing overall waste, which in turn reduces cleaning hours and so reduces overall cost.

Temco offers a wide range of solutions from multi-stream recycling stations to compact and stackable recycling bins. To simplify recycling, we can implement one mixed recycling bin so that employees can deposit all their waste paper, card, plastic and metal cans in one place ready to collect and manage the recycling process.

We understand that we have a pivotal part to play in the successful management of schemes, including the segregation of waste and contamination prevention. We will take you through the various schemes available to agree the best for your office environment.

Energy From Waste (EFW), No Landfill

Not everything can be recovered, re-used or recycled and this is classed as general waste. Typically, products might include crisp packets, plastic bags, laminated foil packaging, photo paper and greasy takeaway or pizza boxes.

The most cost effective and sustainable method for dealing with general waste is to treat it at Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities. This helps you to achieve corporate environmental goals by avoiding landfill whilst generating renewable electricity to reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Managing waste & legislation

We manage regulatory matters and guarantee 100% compliance with all waste and environmental regulations. Waste Transfer Notices can be provided by location and reporting availability with full breakdown of waste stream is also available for your own audit reporting.

Do you need a Waste Management, Recycling and Confidential Shredding Service?


Tailored Solutions

Following an initial survey and discussion of your requirements and objectives, we will prepare a schedule of recommendations and service frequency to manage your waste and recycling.

Our quotes are broken down to the various elements of the service so you have full transparency of cost.  We can provide one service or a full suite of waste services as required.

Confidential Shredding

On or off-site secure paper shredding of sensitive information is available to ensure you are GDPR compliant.

A certificate of destruction is available after every service and all shredded paper is 100% securely recycled. The service can be on a regular service or available as a one-off service.

COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test Waste Disposal Service

This new service is a dedicated collection, treatment and disposal service for COVID-19 lateral flow tests and PPE waste. It applies if Government legislation requires workplaces carrying out these tests to segregate testing kit waste and related PPE from all other waste streams, giving you peace of mind that you are compliant.

Open days and workplace advice

We can support any office recycling awareness initiatives you wish to run, with experts on hand to raise the profile, engage staff and increase participation.

Do you need a Waste Management, Recycling and Confidential Shredding Service?