If you’re not receiving the service or support from your current cleaning contractor, then switch!  Daily office cleaning is more important than ever in the current environment.  In this blog we look at the reasons why it may be time to change your commercial cleaning contractor.

The most common reasons why clients change commercial cleaning contractor

As an established company providing commercial cleaning services, these are some of the most common reasons we hear which prompt clients to change their commercial cleaning contractor.

No support for Contract cleaning staff

Staff on site need support and management.  Training is a key part of this, not only in health and safety but also chemical training and using the correct methods to clean and sanitise.  Lines of communication need to be clear and responsibilities explained and understood.

Ensuring schedules are in place and being implemented provides compliance and reassurance that the cleaning specification is being carried out correctly.

Contract documentation should be available such as company insurance and policy documents and health and safety notices.

Infrequent manager visits

Cleaning area or regional managers should be regular visitors to review the contract.  Scheduled client meetings are ideal opportunities to discuss service and delivery, and plan for upcoming events or changes.  For example staff returning to the workplace after the lifting of government work from home restrictions from 19th July.  This is also where mangers review equipment, check stock ordering and amend staff shifts to cover holiday.

Re-occurring staff issues, especially around payroll

Nothing infuriates and demotivates cleaning staff more than incorrect pay, especially if payroll errors are made again and again.  This comes down to accuracy with timesheets and communication between supervisors or managers and head office.  Any pay queries that are escalated to managers or head office should be dealt with and resolved as a matter of urgency, ideally within 24 hours.

Paying the correct amount at the correct time should be the priority of every cleaning company.

Lack of clarity

What exactly is the cleaning contractor responsible for and how often should each task be done?  These are basic but fundamental issues and any cleaning contractor should have clear documentation in place which details this.

Accurate and up to date specification and schedules should be available, detailing all tasks contained in the contract.  These could include for example frequency of office carpet vacuums, and how often sanitisations of frequently touched surfaces (eg door handles) take place.

Providing transparency on the cleaning service leaves no room for misunderstandings and ensures a clean and hygienic workplace.

Cleaning contract not meeting expectations

It’s certainly time to change providers when the cleaning standards are simply not being met.  Sometimes these slip over time and when left unchecked become accepted.

A new contractor would take time to understand the exact service requirement and incorporate this into a clear and transparent operating plan.  Furthermore a new contractor can offer a fresh perspective, and challenge what has become the norm in terms of both operations and the conduct and performance of staff.

Lack of reporting and contract information

Quality audits and work schedules ensure cleaning staff consistently maintain high cleaning standards at all times.  It can also include associated facility management service documentation such as washroom services or waste collections.

Online portals are an ideal method of sharing key information.  This can also include other information such as the contract, invoicing summary, list of consumables ordered by month and health and safety information such as COSHH and risk assessments.

Not meeting SLA

Good Service Level Agreements (SLA) monitor the fundamentals of a contract – without these being met, contract compliance is often compromised.  A quality cleaning contractor will want SLA’s at the core of their operation.  They will also be willing and able to share these with clients, proving that the correct foundations are on site and in place to deliver a professional service.

TemcoUK Facility Services is a professional commercial cleaning contractor

Based in Uxbridge, TemcoUK provides daily office cleaning services in and around London.

Many clients trust Temco for their commercial daily office cleaning and the associated facility management services including waste management, washroom services and pest control.  If you’re thinking of switching your commercial cleaning contractor, we’d love to help.