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Isn’t it time to review your existing cleaning contractor?

Review your contract cleaning requirement and provider, you…

The importance of valuing cleaning staff

Cleaners play a vital role in office safety and hygiene,…

Clear Cleaning Costs Create Confidence

Clarity with cleaning costs creates a strong base of trust…

TUPE and Office Cleaning Contracts

TUPE is a very regular occurrence in daily office cleaning…

8 ways to reduce Office Cleaning costs

A professional contractor will work with clients to offer…

New Year Resolutions for Office Cleaning

Some ideas for your New Year's Office Cleaning resolutions

How contractors should manage an office cleaning contract

Excellent contract management is vital for customer…

Transparent pricing in office cleaning contracts

Temco offers clear and transparent pricing

Commercial Cleaning Roles and responsibilities

A look at the R&R of members of the cleaning team

What are cleaning RAMS?

Cleaning RAMS improve the H&S of our business

5 Benefits of a clean and hygienic office

This blog looks at the key benefits of a clean and hygienic…

Mobilisation of an office cleaning contract

5 key elements of a cleaning contract mobilisation

How much does commercial office cleaning cost?

Cleaning costs include hours, pay rates, staff structure,…

5 things to include in an office cleaning schedule

Cleaning schedules must be clear, accurate and up-to-date

Using productivity to calculate office cleaning hours

Cleaning productivity is key to produce accurate quotations

The importance of cleaning contract audits

Cleaning audit reports help track KPI and compliance

What is a Commercial Builder and Sparkle clean?

Pre-agreed specifications provide clarity for builders and…

Cleaning advice for a COVID-Secure workplace

Tips and advice for a COVID-Secure workplace

What does an Office Deep Clean consist of?

Deep cleaning compliments daily office cleaning

Commercial Property Management Cleaning Services

Quick overview of sector cleaning services

How Daily Office Cleaning is adapting to Hybrid Working

Daily office cleaning adapting to hybrid working

Is it time to change your commercial cleaning contractor?

Reasons why it may be time to change your commercial…

What does commercial Daily Office Cleaning include?

Tasks involved in maintaining office cleanliness

TemcoUK’s timely new interactive website

Our new website is clean, clear and concise, reflecting a…

Temco – Flexible Friends in London and the South East

Temco is developing strong relationships with several…

COVID Cleaning – Adapt or Fail

The COVID-19 crisis has imposed massive change on the…

COVID Cleaning – Build Back Better

The COVID-19 crisis has created a seismic shift in the…