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Our portal allows clients to access a wide range of management information, including Insurance Certificates, Risk Assessments, KPIs, COSHH, Accreditations, Safe System of Work, Policy documents including Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality Statements, Quality Reports and Meeting Minutes.


Temco Facility Services’s commitment to Health and Safety starts at the top, with our Managing Director, Andrew Philpot, who is NEBOSH accredited. In addition all resident managers are trained in IOSH Managing Safely, Training for Trainers and Safe Manual Handling, whilst our training includes NVQs.

Our systems guarantee that safety is central to all operations, ensuring our staff, clients and Temco adhere to all relevant legislation.


Temco Facility Services site managers and supervisors are tasked to carry out a weekly Safe Track Audit to review one of the activities they carry out on the site. This must be carried out with the employee so they have an informal and direct input into the safety issues and improvements which can be made


All sites have a comprehensive file detailing the Material Safety Data Sheets and Temco COSHH assessment for all substances used on a site. This is then summarised on a COSHH safety sheet which is displayed within all cleaning cupboards. Training in the safe and correct use of chemicals is supported by our suppliers, Johnson Professional, and included within our induction and “Passport to Success” programme.

Employee representation

On larger contracts Temco Facility Services creates a Safety Committee from the workforce to review Health and Safety within that work place. This has proved to be a very engaging way to change people’s perceptions of safety, while passing on to employees why working in a safe and systematic manner is so important.


Temco Facility Services has ISO 14001 accreditation. We recognise and accept our responsibility to the environment, working with clients to compliment and promote schemes such as waste recycling.

With our experience we can advise on best practice to increase recycling rates or provide safe and cost effective solutions to new waste regulations such as fluorescent tube disposal.

Our product range is one of the most environmentally friendly on the market and we purchase equipment and dilution systems which minimises the use of chemical and power.

Through our suppliers we closely monitor usage of chemicals at all sites and set annual reduction targets by training staff in correct dilution and application supported by adopting wherever possible the latest cleaning technology.

Temco’s culture is based on cooperation and a proactive approach which is crucial to customers who are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Promoting competence

Temco Facility Services has commenced a programme to ensure all Supervisors pass the IOSH Managing Safely programme, and Team Leaders undertake the one day IOSH working safely.

Risk Assessments

Prior to commencing a contract, thorough Risk and Manual Handling Assessments are carried out and copied to the client. From this a bespoke Safe System of Work is created which instructs staff how to carry out work in a safe manner. All assessments are regularly reviewed, particularly after an incident or near miss. Any additional work orders must also be Risk Assessed and a Method Statement created and acknowledged by all staff who will be undertaking that task.


Assessments filed in ring binders do not however directly change the behaviours of our staff on the ground. This is achieved by practical and comprehensive training which engages the member of staff so they understand what is expected of them, and why. Central to this is the Safe System of Work which is included within the employees’ comprehensive induction programme.

After induction, ongoing training is then focused around our internal “Passport to Success” scheme which trains, and then assesses staff to ensure they adopt the behaviours to provide clients with a safe and quality product.