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Temco Facility Services is committed to the provision of relevant and effective training to create a quality driven and motivated workforce. We were delighted in 2005 to be nominated as Employer of the Year by the London West Learning & Skills Council in recognition of the training we had provided for our staff.

Temco understands we have access to the same labour market as all our competitors, but our expertise lies in our ability to train and develop those staff to deliver above average productivity and performance.

Temco offers training on several levels:

  • Internal accreditation through our Staff Passport
  • Internal training on how to become an “intelligent cleaner”
  • Accredited training through our major suppliers, JohnsonDiversey and Nilfisk
  • Externally accredited Health & Safety training through the Institute of Occupational Health & Safety
  • Internal Health & Safety including Risk Assessment and fire evacuation
  • Supervisor and Team Leader development through National Vocational Qualifications

All staff receive on site training specific to the needs of their position. Training Programmes are designed to improve productivity and are specific to the needs of the site.

Induction training

All new staff receive a formal Induction Course on Company Procedures. A Training Record Card is held for all staff and kept on site for inspection.

Induction Training includes:

  • Health and Safety – Safe System of Work
  • Safe use of chemicals and COSHH regulations
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Fire evacuation procedures
  • Job description
  • Instruction on methods of cleaning
  • Detailed step by step guidance through their Work Programme
  • Client internal procedures

Passport to success

Temco Facility Services has created a “Passport for Success” training programme to enable our staff to become cleaning professionals. The programme improves:

  • Productivity
  • Staff motivation
  • Staff knowledge and understanding
  • Employees taking ownership

Temco have found that training with a tutor who preaches how an employee should work often does not filter down to working practice on the ground. The Passport Scheme assesses staff using both verbal and practical assessment to ensure they understand what is required of them. It covers not only cleaning standards, but also elements such as fire evacuation procedures and how to dispose of dirty water.

Each employee receives a passport with five sections:

  • Visual standards
  • Chemical expertise
  • Health & safety including risk assessment
  • Environmental and quality awareness
  • Ownership and responsibility

Employees are assessed on each of these elements and when they have successfully completed the appropriate section, their Passport is stamped. When all five sections have been completed our employee will be a ‘fully qualified’ Temco employee and future pay awards will be linked to staff achieving this certification.

This scheme also motivates staff by acknowledging good performance.

Temco will consistently innovate to really engage our staff and promote professionalism.

Case study

Temco Facility Services’s intelligent, well trained and highly productive workforce is the result of many years’ commitment to the highest possible standards. This is no better demonstrated than by looking at Roger Lee, who, through TUPE, joined Temco when they won the Kodak contract in 2001.

Roger makes no bones about his problems at that time.
“I had real trouble with both reading and writing as a result of bad dyslexia. Life was not easy.”

But as part of the programme to ensure that all employees reach their full potential, Roger’s new Temco Manager broadened his horizons by giving him the opportunity to attend a course to improve his literacy at Harrow College. This in turn enabled him to benefit from in house training, and before long he was promoted to Team Leader and taking NVQs. He rose to the challenge, so his Manager gave him the chance to shadow her activity, effectively acting as Roger’s mentor. Once more faith in him proved well founded and he was promoted again to Deputy Manager, where he flourished. And today? Roger is Contract Manager. He is a highly competent manager, interviewing new staff and dealing with a wide range of managerial administration, including using Excel spreadsheets.

What does he like best about his job?
“I like the daily challenges,” he says, “There is always something different happening. I like the people I work with and of course most of all, I enjoy helping others.”

Temco’s Managing Director, Andrew Philpot, is delighted with Roger’s progress.
“Our training policy is all about realising people’s potential, which in turn translates into high retention rates and enhanced continuity of service for clients.”