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As can be seen by the sample below, Temco consistently attracts a range of high quality clients. The golden thread that runs through them is, whatever their requirements, from the impeccable standards demanded by a blue chip HQ in the City, to the strictest security so essential to the defense industry, Temco rises to the occasion, every time.

Sample of Temco's clients

Cleaning in a pharmaceutical environment

Cleaning in a pharmaceutical environment can involve many things, from a single laboratory to an international research facility. For Temco Facility Services it means cleaning in a high end manufacturing facility where production of medical diagnostics involving radioactive material must meet the highly exacting standards of drug agencies from around the world. As a result, the strictest operating standards must be adhered to and there is no room for error.

The manufacturing facility is divided into three areas: red, the controlled zone, amber, the buffer zone and green, the uncontrolled zone. When Temco took over the contract there was a flat structure in place, so that someone who was cleaning the green area had equal status, and remuneration to someone who was cleaning the red area. This did not suit the way Managing Director Andrew Philpot wanted to deliver the service.

“The extra diligence and competence required to service the red zone clearly warranted a different staff category so we promoted those staff members to roles as Cleaning Specialists, and enhanced their training and pay accordingly. With an eye on succession planning we also created a sub-category of staff, Cleaning Technicians.”

“You just can’t beat the value of experience when delivering a service at the highest level, so retention was a priority.” adds Andrew, “The cost, safety and productivity benefits of staff continuity are huge. I am pleased to say that we had a 100% retention rate in these areas last year.”

Temco’s Cleaning Specialists and Technicians are the most professional of cleaners and require intensive and regular training from both the client and Temco. Within some of the very complex client operating systems there was too much information for the cleaning operatives so the relevant elements had to be extracted and portrayed in both graphic and text forms. Temco quickly developed its own site specific operating system to ensure it complemented and complied with the clients demands and of those of a raft of regulatory bodies including the US FDA.

Operational procedures are never more stringent than when staff enter and leave the controlled red zone. This extends to details such as gowning, where staff have to put on and take off protective clothing in the exact order as proscribed to avoid contamination, with further checks upon departure, including with a Geiger Counter. The cleaning processes are no less demanding, with a strict regime of different chemicals and agents being used on surfaces to prevent bacteria from developing resistance.

Overlaying all these sensitive issues is the need for staff to adopt a safe and professional attitude at all times as the consequences of failure could be catastrophic.

Andrew adds, “There is no ‘going through the motions’ or ‘box ticking’. All our systems and training are designed to ensure our staff fully understand the issues at stake, and most importantly of all, adapt their behaviour accordingly.

This a undeniably a testing contract that makes great demands on our methodologies, but the high quality ethos that realises the potential of our staff means Temco is perfect for meeting such challenges, which we have successfully demonstrated across a wide and diverse set of operating areas from the defense industry to blue chip City offices.

SAS UK contract win for Temco

SAS, the world's largest privately held software company, has awarded the three year contract to clean their prestigious 100,000 square foot UK Headquarters to Temco Services. The complex is on the 110 acre Wittington House estate, with a range of buildings from a century-old country house to modern new build.

SAS’s Facilities Coordinator had researched 10 companies and narrowed it down to a short list of five to submit detailed tenders. Each was evaluated in terms of quality and quantity, using a six category weighting system.

“Temco came out way ahead of the rest,” she reported, “We really didn’t want to go through the selection process to end up with more of the same, so Temco’s fresh methodologies were very appealing. We were particularly impressed by their staff management strategy, with their approach to training, empowerment and giving staff ownership of their work fitting in well with our own ethos.”

Andrew Philpot, Managing Director of Temco Services is clearly delighted with the award. “Our approach is a good fit with companies such as SAS that balance quality of service and cost effectiveness with a strong sense of corporate responsibility. Since we launched our UK operation we have stayed true to our business model - the achievement of outstanding results through professional management and staff empowerment. Prestigious contract wins like this demonstrate that the time has come for Temco.”

Eastman Kodak Harrow

Temco was awarded this £1 million contract covering a 40 acre site operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with over 2000 Kodak employees.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Daily cleaning of all offices, production and communal areas
  • Specialist cleaning in high security laboratories
  • Office moves and relocations
  • Labour for waste handling and recycling services.
  • Collection delivery and distribution of all work wear
  • Feminine hygiene
  • Pest control
  • External cleaning

Temco has a "Fresh Approach". We view cleaning as a profession, which requires investment in staff and equipment to deliver excellence. Of course price is important and our focus on increasing staff productivity means we are competitive.

At Kodak Temco inherited a typical low pay workforce of whom little was expected and the quality standards were often poor. In addition the low staff morale and high turnover affected the consistency of the work, often resulting in the client having to become involved on a day-to-day basis just to ensure a basic service was provided./p>

To tackle this, Temco invested, firstly in our staff through training and development. This includes the validation of our staff’s core competency through our innovative “Passport” accreditation scheme.

Secondly, Temco invested £100,000 in new equipment and set about transforming productivity to enable us to improve employees’ terms and conditions of employment. The result has been excellent staff retention, complemented by low sickness and absenteeism. Quality standards have risen considerably through a knowledgeable and experienced workforce.

A quote from a department head: "Just to say how much better the cleaning is under the new contractors, the cleaners have now got the proper tools for the job, better management, time to do the job properly and the difference really shows"

Temco manages its own affairs on the contract, taking total responsibility for the quality of the services delivered and requiring only a regular monthly meeting with the client.

Temco is extremely proud of its achievements on the Kodak site and would welcome a site visit to demonstrate these and meet our staff and clients.