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Covid 19 – Closure, Furlough and Beyond

posted 06/05/2020 - 11:41

This is the third in our series of blogs looking back at our management of the crisis. The first looked at the gradual emergence of the virus and the second took the review from containment to the delay stage. Here we look back at how we were able to help with the closure process.

The morning after the Government lockdown announcement on the evening of Monday 23rd March TemcoUK sent a communication to every client requesting discussion about their cleaning arrangement for sites that were going to be fully or partially shut down. A great deal of management time was spent reflecting suspensions and reductions in staffing, with exceptional levels of communication between TemcoUK, clients and staff to ensure everyone one was clear how matters would proceed.

Whilst staff safety and wellbeing was the prime focus, another was on minimizing expenditure for clients in what, it was clear, was going to be a difficult time.

As client companies began to shut down TemcoUK provided advice on ways to manage the process. For example we suggested that staff cleared their desks before leaving to make sanitization simpler, and if a skeleton staff was to be maintained they should work in one clearly marked area so that all other areas could be quarantined. 

If only security staff were to remain, we advised that clients consider the patrol areas carefully, as these would need to be treated differently for sanitization cleans (as the quarantine areas would be free of virus). Additionally, where possible, we advised that security staff use only a single dedicated washroom. On from there, if security staff did need to attend quarantine areas, for example to respond to an alarm, we advised that they record where and when so that these can be sanitized as required.

It was also important that we gain a clear understanding of the Furlough Scheme. This included each client contribution – 80% furlough, or if they wanted to top up (delighted to say that some clients are supporting the 100% scheme) Then each member of staff was contacted to explain the scheme and (as a change in the conditions) to ask them to agree to be furloughed. Replies were recorded and staff concerns and uncertainly were managed across all sites.

Our next blog will be on emergence from shutdown and the challenges of matching staffing with the anticipated reduced reoccupation levels, understanding new site protocols and ensuring cleaning solutions match requirements.


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