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Covid 19 - Re-Opening Offices Post Lockdown

posted 09/06/2020 - 12:43

This is the fourth in our series of blogs on the crisis. The first looked back at the gradual emergence of the virus and the second took the review from containment to the delay stage. The third looked at how we were able to help with the closure process. We now discuss the re-opening process.

TemcoUK Facility Services has a key role in the front line against this disease so has spent many weeks preparing for clients to re-open their offices. To that end we have sent a detailed document to all clients to establish appropriate cleaning procedures.

Initially clients need to notify us of their re-start date. This will allow us to take our staff off furlough and address the significant retraining requirements. To this end we request that clients advise us of their local protocols and office adaptations to comply with Government advice, together with any changes in security, first aid or fire procedures to enable us to incorporate them into our training procedures. A significant proportion of the staff retraining covers social distancing, following these new protocols and of course the revised cleaning schedules.

We then give clients a choice of standard and enhanced cleaning levels to suit their circumstances. Standard will include standard disinfectant and cleaning materials and sanitizers for high contact points. Enhanced will include sanitization on all cleaning, including desks and floors. We also suggest keeping some areas quarantined so that a contingency will be in place in the event of a confirmed case in the office. 

To prepare the office for occupation we suggest that cleaning starts two days before re-opening and services that have been suspended, such as waste collection and pest control will be reinstated. We are also advising clients to keep stocks of washroom consumables at sufficient levels to accommodate the new usage patterns.  For those clients who request it, we can also supply automatic free-standing sanitizing stations or hand sanitizer for placement around the office.

The document goes on to remind clients of relevant Government advice on reducing risk in the workplace, concluding with general points for consideration, from handshaking and dress code to signage and travel.

Every effort has been made to protect both client and TemcoUK staff, whilst giving clients the best chance to reopen their business as safely and as quickly as possible.


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