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Isn’t it time to review your existing cleaning contractor?

As the cost of living increases, many companies will be experiencing rising prices across their business which will affect the products and services they provide.  Office cleaning has been an important service over the past two years but the business landscape has changed. As we emerge from COVID-19, all costs are being challenged so this could be a good time to consider your cleaning expenditure.   In this blog we look why it could be time to review your existing cleaning contractor.

4 reasons why you should review your existing cleaning contractor now

Cleaning hours to reflect new office or building occupancy

There may be no return to the traditional five day office week.  The pandemic has changed opinion and the longer-term implications are that working from home will remain at least in part.  Hybrid working, where staff split their time between home and office, it seems is here to stay.

The office will still play a vital role.  People still need face to face interaction for collaboration and development.  The changed office use however may require a new approach to when and how the cleaning takes place.

For example, if the office is much quieter on a Friday, then the team could focus on periodic tasks such as a kitchen deep clean.  If the office is fully closed one day a week, then the weekly hours could reduce accordingly.  Adjusting the schedules and frequency could save on the overall costs.

Every office is unique and every client has different needs. This means adjusting and tailoring the cleaning schedules to ensure staff continue to deliver the highest standards of office hygiene.

COVID Secure Cleaning

Anti-viral cleaning products are the new norm as they are proven to kill pathogenic viruses including coronavirus.  These should be used correctly following manufacturers guidelines.  It's important to note the contact time, which is how long a disinfectant must stay wet on a surface to be effective.

Regularly reviewing the office usage is essential to ensure that the enhanced cleaning regimes are still effective.  This includes frequently sanitising work areas and especially the common touch points.  These typically include door handles and push plates, kitchen appliances and washroom fixtures and fittings.

Continuing to enforce a clear desk policy helps to keep surfaces clear so that cleaning routine are effective.  Since cleaners have instructions not to move personal items on desks, having clear areas will make it possible to clean surfaces, keyboards and phone handsets.

More emphasis on environmental and sustainable responsibility

Clients increasingly demand that service providers use greener products, have better social responsibility policies and have a commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable cleaning in the workplace is about eliminating harsh chemicals and instead using biological products that are safer for the environment.  This extends beyond cleaning products such as

  • Using equipment such as the iMop to reduce water usage
  • Replacing vacuum cleaners with alternatives which are more energy efficient
  • Reusing spray bottles to reduce single use plastic waste
  • Using products made from recycled materials, and for paper products eg hand towels, to use sustainably sourced fibres
  • improving workplace recycling rates

Managing the cleaners

One of the biggest complaints from clients is that their onsite cleaning team do not feel supported.  This covers training, health and safety, understanding schedules and expectations, cleaning product availability and cleaning to the agreed specification in the contract.

Regular scheduled manager visits for quality audits provide an excellent opportunity to meet with clients and staff.  Meeting with the staff mean they can check the equipment and materials, review service delivery, check shifts and holiday cover and ensure the team has everything they need to succeed.

TemcoUK Facility Services is a professional commercial cleaning contractor

Temco has vast experience in commercial cleaning.  We understand that as businesses adapt to different ways of working, so too do our cleaning schedules need to adjust to reflect the changing landscape.  We tailor our office cleaning service to meet the unique requirements of your business, whatever days you work and whatever your office occupancy.

Our comprehensive list of services covers everything including office window and carpet cleaning, washroom services and pest control.

If you would like further information or reviewing your cleaning, please contact us on LinkedIn, email or call us 01895 520370.

Clear Cleaning Costs Create Confidence

When your contract cleaning company gives you clear prices for daily office cleaning it creates a strong base of trust in your relationship. Transparency makes sure that you know exactly which commercial cleaning services you are actually paying for.  This blog look at why clear cleaning costs create confidence.

At Tender

At the start of your relationship with a new professional contract cleaning company, clear prices are vital. This will enable you to properly compare the charges proposed by the competing companies. If you can compare each company in detail you will be able to make a fair assessment of each proposal and ensure you get the best for your premises.

Avoid Shocks

A professional contract cleaning company will be open and honest about the pricing for office cleaning services right from the start of the contract. The invoices you receive should be exactly as you expected at the end of the month. This will help you avoid those surprise costs that will throw out your financial plan.

Look For Detail

If the invoice your contract cleaning company sends you shows every service in one lump sum then you cannot know what you are paying for. As an example, you need to know the cleaner's hourly pay rate, not least because it helps with discussions about the Living Wage. It is also possible that you are paying for more cleaners than are actually carrying out your daily office cleaning. Or perhaps your cleaners pay is less, resulting in a lack of care and concern about standards of work. It is also possible that your contract cleaning company is making more profit from your contract than was agreed.

So you need clear detail in your quotation and invoices to get a proper understanding of the commercial office cleaning services supplied.

Situations Evolve

No company stands still, so contracts do change over time. If the last two years have showed us anything, it is that a contract cleaning company needs to be quick to adapt.

If your cleaning contractor supplies detailed pricing you will be able to look at the effect of any changes within your company before implementation. This will give you detail to help you keep any increases in costs as low as possible.

Commercial office cleaning services providers needed to understand and implement new rules to establish new protocols very quickly during the pandemic. Professional COVID disinfection and sanitising services, with new systems and new products had to be brought in fast. Access to clear pricing was essential for managers to understand the effect on their budgets. Otherwise they were working in the dark.

The current environment has staff shortages causing pressure to increase wages, plus rising inflation.  More reason then why Facility Managers need to understand the reason behind unavoidable upward pressure on costs.

Itemise Everything

Your commercial office cleaning services provider should give you a full list of all prices, which must include how much they are making. It is fair that a provider should make a profit, but only to the amount agreed. That way you will understand what you are being charged for all the time. You will also be able to see that the contractors carrying out your daily office cleaning are treated properly. Detailed pricing will show up important matters like care of staff and the progress of technical changes.

Clear Cleaning Costs Create Confidence

Your commercial office cleaning services provider should supply clear pricing from the word go.

It must include:

  • Direct wage costs - weekly hours multiplied by the rate of pay
  • Indirect costs - National Insurance, sick and holiday pay and pension
  • Compliance and equipment
  • Margins and expenses

There should be no concealed costs and your commercial cleaning services provider should only invoice for agreed charges. Specialist cleaning, like commercial window and carpet cleaning services must be listed separately. The cost of cleaning consumables should be agreed at the start.

TemcoUK Facility Services

With over 20 years experience in the commercial cleaning sector, Temco has always operated a transparent pricing policy.  Clear pricing makes working with us as your contract cleaning provider much simpler with less chance of invoice queries and misunderstandings.

Following a site survey, we will prepare an accurate quotation based on the hours required to achieve the cleaning specification.

If you are looking to change your cleaning provider, please give us a call or drop us an email to