Hard floor deep cleaning

What does an Office Deep Clean consist of?

Daily office cleaning includes the general tasks involved in keeping an office clean, carried out on a regular basis and following a specification.  A deep clean compliments this, providing a more thorough clean than can be achieved during normal office cleaning.  This blog looks at what an office deep clean consists of.

Regular vs Office deep cleaning – what's the difference?

Regular cleaning tasks would typically include vacuuming, cleaning and sanitising desks and chairs, emptying waste bins and mopping hard floors.  It can also include cleaning washrooms, showers and changing rooms, kitchen and breakout areas as well as entrances and reception spaces.

A periodic deep clean reaches hard to access areas such as behind, below or above items of furniture and equipment.  And it often covers areas which are too busy during normal office hours.  It might also include higher level jobs such as cleaning air vents and light fixtures or the tops of cupboards and kitchen appliances which are not easily accessible.

Periodic cleaning uses specialist chemicals, equipment (eg Prochem) and processes which have been specially formulated for the intended job.  For example the professional carpet cleaning products contain different chemicals and manufacturers design these for industrial rather than domestic use.

An office without specialist periodic deep cleaning over time never quite feels as clean and hygienic as one with it.

Why is it important?

The importance of having a welcoming, clean and hygienic office for employees and visitors is more important than ever. Not just cleaning the visible dirt, but also the hidden dangers such as bacteria and germs.

Deep cleaning is essential to prevent the build up of dirt which often hides behind or under furniture. Furthermore it can be extremely cost effective as it helps to protect and extend the life of carpets and soft furnishing, reducing the need to replace often.

Finally, cleaning the lesser used areas will often expose repairs or essential works, for example slow water leaks or pest infestations.

How often to schedule?

This depends on many aspects such as the office layout, usage and the use of space.

Professional contract cleaners will be able to audit the space, understand the requirements and suggest a cleaning schedule to reflect the individual workplace.


Carpet deep clean

Coffee and tea stains are the most common, but other problems are often ink, mud, food and juice marks.  Using a pre-treatment and specialist carpet cleaning extractor equipment and chemicals, even stubborn marks can be removed.

Hard floor deep clean

High traffic areas become dirty over time.  Specialist equipment for scrubbing, buffing and polishing can revive hard floors and help protect them.  Stripping and reapplying fresh polish to seal the surface transforms floors, making them pristine and gleaming again.

Upholstery and furniture deep clean

Dirty and stained furniture is unsightly, unhygienic and gives a bad impression to staff and visitors.  Professional cleaning removes a multitude of marks including spillages of food and drink, dye from clothes and general dust and dirt and will leave furniture looking clean and fresh.

Washroom deep clean

Professionally deep cleaning washrooms effectively removes the build up of dirt and germs which thrive in warm and moist conditions.  The service thoroughly cleans toilets, urinals and sanitary ware as well as accessing the hard to reach areas behind pipework and the tops of mirrors and partitions.  It also includes mechanically scrubbing hard floors with disinfectant and descaling where applicable.

Kitchen deep clean

This could include fully cleaning cupboards and drawers inside and out, and removing all items from shelves and worktop to clean and sanitise.  It would also include a full clean to any appliances such as the fridge, microwave, toaster and dishwasher to remove all dirt and debris.

TemcoUK Facility Services provides office deep clean services

TemcoUK provides a full range of office deep cleaning services in London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and Hertfordshire.

Fully insured, our teams highly trained, qualified and experienced in providing commercial cleaning services.  Reliable and professional, we directly employ all staff and don't use agencies.

We supply a clear and detailed specification as part of the quotation process so you know exactly what the the job will include.  We will also send task and site specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) and any other required Health and Safety documentation.  This also identifies any appropriate PPE for the operatives to wear during the job.

Our team will conduct a full clean tailored to your individual requirements and we use the latest and most appropriate equipment for the best results.

You’ll also receive a post cleaning report showing the before, during and after photos and including a sign off sheet.

Contact us if you'd like to find out more.