As every Facility Manager knows, keeping track of all aspects of a cleaning contract is not always easy!  Having the right information at the right time is powerful and allows swift interventions when necessary, improving overall compliance.  One way to manage this is by using specific cleaning and FM audits.  This blog looks at the importance of cleaning contract audits.

What is the purpose of a cleaning contract audit

The purpose of any audit is to maintain a clean and hygienic work environment for staff and visitors.  A clean environment is important in the defence against infection and reducing the spread of germs and viruses, as well as creating a productive workspace.  Fully understanding the cleaning results and adapting schedules accordingly also improves efficiencies and ultimately offers better client value.

How often to conduct an audit?

Depending on the size and nature of the premises, managers would typically conduct audits on a monthly basis.  They should be scheduled in advance and if possible, should be jointly conducted with the client.  This way identifies issues which can then be rectified.  The walk around can include the whole building, or each month one area can be the focus, for example a floor or a building.

Benefits of a cleaning site audit

Raise the standard at the client premises

Keeping workplaces clean and hygienic is more important than ever and regular inspections help to keep track of standards and monitor performance.

Measuring the contract

Collecting consistent data each audit enables easy comparison and measurement.  Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets, agreed during the mobilization phase, can be monitored throughout the duration of the contract and changes made accordingly.

conducting smart cleaning audit

Identify issues early on

It’s easy to identify any issues at an early stage so that cleaning teams are able to quickly take action and rectify.  For example, missed areas can be added to a cleaning schedule or if there are upcoming events or changes these can be planned prior to the event.

Visual evidence and comments

Having the ability to include images and comments is very helpful.  Images improve clarity and support the findings of the audit and are a very good reference to fully explain a score.  Comments help to direct the corrective actions to ensure compliance.

What areas does a cleaning audit include?

The cleaning audit should include all elements of the cleaning specification.  This would typically include the following:-

  • Entrance mats, doors and reception areas
  • Office desks, chairs, pedestals, lockers and other storage units
  • Waste and recycling bins
  • Carpets and hard flooring
  • Washrooms and kitchens
  • Doors and door frames
  • Hallways, stairs and landings
  • Skirting boards, ledges and pipes
  • Windows and sills

Smart audits for real time visibility

Digital smart audits report on only the relevant items to an individual contract.  They are paperless and can generate PDF reports quickly.  These reports are very easy to share so that the client has real time visibility and information.

How to score areas?

Scoring is the power behind the audit and gives clients valuable insight into performance over time.  Scores can be presented in any format, from a percentage to a range for example one to ten.

TemcoUK Facility Services uses smart software for cleaning contract audits

We have been using smart audit software for many years Temco, it is deeply embedded in our operational management process.

Our area managers all have access to audits and conduct them using mobile devices. We conduct monthly quality audits using smart cloud-based software and share them immediately with you in PDF format, so you have instant feedback.  We also upload audits onto a secure online portal.

We’ve custom written our audits so they meet our specific requirements, we have written and adapted these over the years to create a meaningful document which we always share with clients.  All areas receive a score 1-5 in relation to the compliance with specification.  Audits include images, scoring and can be bespoke if you have specific reporting requirements.

We additionally conduct regular compliance audits.  Any periodic work (such as carpet deep cleaning) is accompanied with a bespoke risk assessment method statement and a report with client sign off will be provided using this software.

If you would like to understand more about how we manage our contract or if you’re thinking of switching your cleaning provider, please contact Temco today 01895 520370.