Like many other sectors in the construction and building sector, professional contract cleaning companies use RAMS to improve the health and safety of business operations.  RAMS stands for Risk Assessments and Method Statements and are part of our safe system of work documentation.  This blog examines what are cleaning RAMS and why they play such a key role in contract safety.

What does RAMS stand for?

RAMS stands for Risk Assessments and Method Statements.

RAMS and Risk Assessments – What’s the difference?

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 regulation, risk assessments must be completed by any business which employs over 5 people.

A risk assessment:-

  • Identifies hazards in the workplace, defined as anything which could cause injury or illness at work
  • Quantifies the hazard to determine the risk, or how likely is it that someone could be harmed, and how seriously
  • Controls the risk, if a risk is identified then a plan must be taken to eliminate the hazard or control the risk

A method statement:-

  • Details exactly how to carry work out safely and the precautions to be put in place to control the risks identified in the risk assessment
  • Details the equipment to be used including PPE to keep workers and others safe whilst tasks are ongoing
  • The statement also covers the hazards associated with by-products e.g., waste disposal and leaving the area clean, tidy and hazard free.

Which tasks require cleaning RAMS?

All cleaning tasks require RAMS!  However, cleaning generally comprises two components, daily office and periodic cleaning.

Daily office cleaning RAMS cover for example vacuuming, hard floor mopping and the cleaning of office and general areas such as receptions and communal areas.

Periodic cleaning RAMS focus on tasks which cannot be done during normal office cleaning such as hot water extraction carpet cleaning, hard floor deep cleaning, upholstery and furniture cleaning and kitchen deep cleans.

The importance of RAMS

RAMS ensure that the right people with the correct skills and training using the correct equipment work in a way to ensure the safety of themselves and others.  Ultimately they reduce the risk of incidents or accidents.

Additionally, it’s really important to include all members of the cleaning team in briefings before a job starts, and to make sure that everyone fully understands and agrees the work.

How do RAMS help make cleaning safer?

  • Improve business operations

With clear instructions for how to safely complete tasks, there is no need for individuals to experiment or guess

  • Reduce misunderstanding

The clear step by step instructions leave no room for confusion or misunderstanding.  For example, informal instructions can be incorrect or change as they pass from one individual to another, and language barriers can result in instructions lost in translation.

  • Safer decision making

Pre-agreed method statements set out the steps to take, reducing the need for individuals to decide how to overcome problems

  • Increase safety

When implemented together, there is a much higher level of safety.

TemcoUK Facility Services – Full Health & Safety compliance

Health and Safety is a major priority at Temco and we have a full set of RAMS to cover all areas for our work.  Our Health and Safety Manager, who is fully qualified with years of experience, creates and updates our documentation adding new ones whenever required.

For each new contract we create bespoke risk assessment documentation.  The relevant site RAMS form part of the staff local induction training are available to view at any time.  Our team regularly reviews all RAMS documentation to ensure it is accurate and up to date.

Health and Safety applies to everyone, from the senior management to each and every cleaning operative, and it runs through all aspects of our business.

Teams keep up to date with legislation and keep staff updated.  Examples are Slips, Trips and Falls.

At Temco we encourage all staff to contribute to the process of creating Risk Assessments and Method Statements. We positively welcome suggestions for improvement and believe that our operational staff should play a key role in the process.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to find our more about how we manage our health and safety.  If you would like to discuss changing your office cleaning provider, please do call us on 01895 520370 or email