What is your objective?

Whether you’re looking to improve cleaning and hygiene standards long term or you’re looking for a one off periodic deep clean, Temco UK has the right solution for your needs.

You need to find a high-quality cleaning provider

You know what you want but switching providers sounds like a hassle.  You’re looking for an experienced company that understands TUPE and can manage the process from award to contract mobilisation

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Your cleaning invoice needs to reflect your reduced office occupancy and you still have a requirement for high hygiene levels

You know the importance of visible cleaning to give confidence to your staff and visitors, but with fewer staff in the office you need to have smart solutions in place for maximum efficiency.  You also want to meet regularly with the cleaning manager to review and adapt schedules to reflect your requirements.

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You need to ensure that your office investment will be well maintained and looked after

You’re looking for a company that understands how to clean a range of different surfaces property, with well trained staff who are able to work to specifications and schedules.

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You’re looking to partner with a company that can manage cleaning and FM elements across your property portfolio

You know there is a wide range of cleaning and facility tasks, from common part cleaning to vacant property and one-off jobs. You want someone you can trust and rely on to get the job done whether on a short or long-term lease and be able to adapt to whatever situation is presented. You want a company that is agile and not confined by rigid systems and structures.

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I need a one-off clean / sanitisation clean

Our range of standard services is shown on our website.

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Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.