Changing your cleaning provider

If you are considering changing your existing cleaning and facilities provider, it’s natural to have concerns about what this entails.  You may have been using your existing provider for many years and not sure where to start. TemcoUK has many years’ experience, and we can help you manage the process from start to finish.

The most common reasons clients consider changing their cleaning provider to TemcoUK is:-

  • Contract staff not being supported or managed, often months between managerial visits
  • Client rarely meets with contractor to discuss service or standards
  • Frequent problems such as staff payroll, availability of cleaning products and lack of training
  • Client unclear what they are paying for each month and lack of clarity with service delivery
  • Contractor not meeting cleaning and hygiene expectations
  • Lack of reporting, auditing or overall contract management
  • SLA’s are not being met

One important consideration is Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, or TUPE for short.  This is a legal requirement which protects employees who transfer from one employer to another.

Staff consultations are held with honesty and professionalism and we’ll work with staff to ensure that any operational changes are discussed and explain any changes to schedules or staffing.

Our success in transferring staff is demonstrated by the fact that the vast majority choose to stay with Temco and form a large majority of our present workforce.

After contract award we appoint a manager to oversee the process and create a mobilisation plan.  This will involve a number of different roles and responsibilities including:-

  • Human Resources team to manage the TUPE process, if applicable
  • Sales team to ensure contractual details are communicated to operational team for implementation
  • Operations team to create new schedules, set up janitorial supply and conduct training
  • Health & Safety team to visit and prepare site induction
  • Area manager to meet staff, conduct vetting and ID checks and set up on payroll
  • Admin to order equipment, set up on all systems including online portal and appoint any sub-contractors
  • Management to set up reporting KPIs and online auditing

We communicate with you throughout the process as much or as little as you require and share relevant documentation.

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