Changing Providers

You are here because your current cleaning provider is not meeting your expectations.

You have some frustrations and you are paying for a service and not getting what you need.  Or perhaps there is a lack of reporting or visibility of service or your SLA’s are not being met?

If you are considering moving from your existing cleaning and facilities provider, it’s natural to have concerns about what this entails.  You may have been using your existing provider for many years and not sure where to start.

We understand the process and have many years experience.  With Temco you can enjoy a hassle-free switch:-

  • Because most of our client have moved
  • TUPE

We also understand your need to switch with confidence rather than hope.  Temco can give you that confidence through how we work:-

  1. We take the time to understand what you need, how your business operates and what is important to you from a cleaning perspective
  2. Using our cleaning productivity model, we calculate how many cleaning hours you will need to achieve your objective in the most efficient way
  3. Total hours are then allocated into roles to best reflect your specific needs: whether this is a day housekeeper, working supervisor or out of hours cleaners
  4. Once developed, we then create your building cleaning specifications by staff member. This details by task who is responsible for what areas
  5. Our HR department and your dedicated area manager work through the TUPE process to ensure communications at all levels and ***
  6. Site start plan

Are you ready to switch providers?

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