Washroom Services

Professional washroom services from our expert team

A clean, hygienic and fully serviced washroom speaks volumes about your organisation. We offer a full range of workplace hygiene and washroom services solutions for all types of businesses.  Our service is delivered discretely and in an environmentally responsible way, keeping you compliant with key legislation.


  • Feminine hygiene
  • Air freshener
  • Hand drying
  • Washroom vending machines, dual-vend or multi-vend
  • Medical and clinical waste
  • Nappy bins
  • Washroom consumables

Washroom Consumables

  • Paper towels
  • Toilet rolls and refills
  • Liquid soap & sanitiser
  • Feminine hygiene products

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Sustainable, Innovative Solutions

We understand the role we play in sustainability and are committed to the prevention of pollution, which is why the hygiene waste we collect is never sent to landfill. Instead, it is recovered and sent to local energy from waste (EfW) plants to be turned into a renewable fuel source.

Each product has a unique barcode for proof of service, which can be shared with you or uploaded to our online client portal. This tracking system provides transparency and has a fully traceable waste transfer through to disposal.

Eco friendly non-aerosol fragrancing options, with 100% recyclable cartridge.

Eliminating odour-causing bacteria in the air and on surfaces, removing nasty smells without chemicals.

Enzyme protection reduces bacteria, 60-day fragrance, reduces splashback and fully recyclable.

Our Service Team

The service teams are fully trained and professional.

  •  Field service team wear easily identifiable uniform and are DBS checked
  • All work carried out by trained personnel
  • Discreet and reliable service
  • Environmental reports
  • Known service day, pre-booked with name and van registration
  • Smart service scheduling to minimise driving miles
  • Flexible, bespoke packages
  • Transparent terms and pricing, no hidden costs
  • Installation and service
  • Nationwide service
  • Fully insured

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Tailored Solutions

Following an initial survey and discussion of your priorities, objectives and budget we will create a schedule of recommendations for discussion.

Whatever the size or occupancy of your building, our products and service frequency is tailored to your exact requirements.  Whether you occupy a single floor in a multi tenanted building or have a property portfolio, working with a variety of trusted partners we have the experience and ability to deliver high quality, reliable and professional washroom services however often you require it.

We understand that businesses need flexibility so we will not ask you to commit to long term contacts, unlike many of our competitors.


Washroom consumables are charged on a usage basis in a line-by-line breakdown on the monthly invoice. These will be agreed prior to order set up.

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