If ever there was a time for a facility services provider to review every operational aspect of its business, the last 12 months has been it. From the early days of the pandemic Temco stood out for being quick to adapt and offer advice and reassurance to clients. At the same time they demonstrated amazing feats of operational agility by swiftly overhauling every process. As we emerge blinking into the post lockdown era (again) Temco has unveiled its new interactive website. This reflects a very different workplace environment. A world that has to continue to take Covid 19 very seriously.

Clear access

Our new interactive website is clear and simple to navigate, treading the fine line between providing sufficient initial information and overloading the visitor. It provides clear access to Temco’s clients, who might be surprised at the breadth of Temco’s services these days. It guides them to their own daily updated operational data through a secure Client Login. At the same time it gives a comprehensive overview to new visitors as a precursor to further discussion.

Main menu

The main menu leads with the Services page, providing a clear graphic showing the full extent of Temco’s offerings. Succinct written detail on each is provided below for clarification.

The prominence of Covid is demonstrated in its position next in the main menu. Here Temco emphasises the effectiveness of its trained, specialist team, whilst outlining routine sanitisation and one off procedures such as Fogging.


Temco knows where it excels, which leads to the Sectors link. The website’s focus on these sectors again makes use of crisp icons for an overview, with more detail available below. Temco’s operational sectors range from Blue Chip Corporate Head Offices, through Industrial, to highly specialised markets like Pharmaceuticals and Tech.

Innovation, the next heading, has always been key to Temco’s approach. Well trained staff equipped with the latest equipment results in the highest possible levels of productivity. This section highlights the systems and technology that Temco has incorporated into its business, from Robotic Vacuums and Eco Friendly Consumables to Data Driven Cleaning. The search for Best in Class never ends.

Changing providers

Which leads to a subject dear to Temco’s heart – Changing Providers. This section gives clear cut reasons why you might want to switch. It provides reassurance that Temco will help manage the process, from Contract Mobilisation to TUPE, always with the emphasis on transparency. You always know what to expect and are never confronted with unpleasant surprises.

A Resources heading gives access to the latest brochures and case studies. The About Us section gives a short overview of Temco’s corporate philosophy and ten simple reasons why Temco is the right choice. Which leaves only the News page which is regularly updated. This gives clients and visitors time to lean back and reflect on solutions to today’s problems.

The website is clean, clear and concise, reflecting a business that has excelled since 2001.

A business that has taken on the challenges presented by Covid 19 and risen to the occasion.