Temco is developing strong relationships with several substantial property management companies across London and the south east.

The contracts usually begin with a comprehensive cleaning of the whole block. Then during the letting stage ensure that each office is kept in pristine condition at all times. Ongoing they maintain the common parts to the highest standards which invariably make such an impression that the new tenants end up using Temco to ensure their space is kept up to a comparable level.

A leading property manager based in London and the south east commented: “Temco just get it. They are totally reliable and their standards are guaranteed. They understand that all the space needs to look fantastic all the time. It is frankly embarrassing showing an office that is not perfect. And when we want to make changes, for example the recent introduction of a wellbeing area in one building, it happens without fuss. They are flexible, positive and react very fast.”

“I think our size and flexibility is what makes these relationships work so well,” says Andrew Philpot, Managing Director of Temco. “Property managers do not need to penetrate layers of managers, sign offs, purchase orders and even pre-purchase orders to get something done. Inevitably larger companies breed bureaucracy. So when property managers encounter our tailored service levels that can be delivered as a result of our agility and positivity, it comes as something of a surprise.”